New Reports Available:
Belbin Interplace 8

New Belbin Reports Are Here!

Same data. Same validity. Upgraded user experience. 

New Features:

  • Enhanced look and feel, a new report layout on landscape pages and updated icons for an improved user experience.
  • A new administrative dashboard offers an easy-to-access view of Belbin reports in process, as well as previously completed IE8 Belbin reports. Users have their own email login and access to all of their resources in this centralized dashboard.
  • Better security and an improved system for email firewalls enhances safety.

What do the new reports look like?

Can I use IE7 and IE8 reports together? IE8 Team Reports require individual reports created in IE8 and are not reverse compatible.

Want to download a sample IE8 report? Click here.

IE7 Languages Available*

German – Deutsch

English – English

Spanish – Español

Swedish – Svenska

French – Français

Danish Scandinavian – Danish

Estonian – Eesti

Italian – Italiano

Dutch – Nederlands

Polish – Polski

Romanian – Română

Finnish – Suomi

Turkish – Türkçe

Czech – Čeština

Greek – ελληνικά

Russian – Русский

Chinese – 中文

Brazilian Portuguese – Português Brasileiro

Persian – فارسی

Korean – 한글

IE8 Languages Available

German – Deutsch

English – English

Spanish – Español

Swedish – Svenska

French – Français

Danish Scandanavian – Danish
More languages coming soon.

* if a report is required in a language not available for IE8, you can still use IE7.

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Have questions about IE8?

Just give us a shout and we’re happy to answer your questions.

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Lindsay Lalla

Lindsay Lalla is the VP of Marketing and Client Support for Belbin North America. Most recently, she has been spearheading the introduction of the Belbin Team Role methodology into North America. Lindsay is a skilled facilitator, and also runs the Belbin Accreditation classes where she certifies others in the Belbin method.
Lindsay’s formal education is in instruction and performance. Combined with her 17 years of adult education experience, she brings a depth of understanding in how to deliver the highly experiential workshops that are a hallmark of the Belbin North America approach to education and organizational development.

Patrick Ballin

Patrick offers more than 25 years of experience with some of the most successful businesses in Europe as a consultant, change manager and executive coach.

He has helped many well-known organisations to get their ideas and projects off the ground by working with business leaders and their teams to optimise interaction, strategy and execution.
Patrick was Global Head of Supply Chain and Logistics Development for The Body Shop, an international retailer of ethical health and beauty products, and managed its change programme across 52 countries. In 2009, he set up the national redundancy coaching service, Rework, for the UK industry charity, Retail Trust. Patrick spent his earlier career with ACWL Group, one of the pioneering UK Apple Centres, where he was a divisional Director.
He holds an MA in Natural Sciences from the University of Cambridge, is a Visiting Lecturer for Brighton Business School, a Fellow of the RSA and coach for social enterprise incubator On Purpose.

Max Isaac

Max is the CEO of 3Circle Partners. He brings a depth of knowledge and experience from his career in general management and consulting in North America, England, Europe and Asia.
Max has assisted CEOs and senior leaders within client organizations with the design and implementation of Interaction Planning processes, team based organizational development programs and Lean Six Sigma initiatives.
Prior to moving into the field of organizational development, Max was the CFO for the Retail Division within The Molson’s Organization, where he took a lead role in growing the business to over $1 billion in revenues, doubling its size in four years through acquisitions and internal growth.
Max is co-author of Close The Interaction Gap, The Third Circle – Interactions That Drive Results, Setting Teams Up for Success and A Guide to Team Roles. He is also the contributing author of the Organizational Change sections of Mike George’s books Lean Six Sigma published in May 2002 and Lean Six Sigma for Service published in June 2003. Max is a registered CPA, CA in Canada. His undergraduate degree was earned at Witwatersrand University, South Africa.