2-Day Belbin® Accreditation Workshop

The Belbin methodology brings the most value to an organization when it becomes an integral part of individual and team development.

The best way to make that happen is to have your internal resources become accredited Belbin trainers. This advanced training enables them to help you get the most leverage from your Belbin investment through:

  • one-on-one work to advance the professional development of people at any level of your organization
  • expert coaching of teams struggling with challenging issues
  • training of additional internal coaches

Course Content

  • The theoretical foundation of the model. The Belbin method is one of the few teamwork models based on scientific research and repeatable results. Participants will learn about the original work carried out by decade-long research conducted by Dr. Meredith Belbin and his team at Henley Management College.
  • The nine Belbin Team Roles. Application of the Belbin model rests on how well people understand their strengths and weaknesses as captured in the Team Roles that Belbin identified. Participants will explore the Roles in detail and learn about how different combinations of Team Roles can impact behavior.
  • The practical use of Belbin Team Roles. The cornerstone of the Belbin method is the report that individuals receive. Knowing how a report can and cannot be interpreted is key to getting good results. Participants will learn how to analyze each page of the reports and how they can be used in a variety of situations, including team building and individual coaching.
  • The full scope of using Belbin Team Roles. This explores the benefits of eliciting 360° feedback, managing team dynamics, and achieving a balance of team role contributions.

February 25-26, 2020 – Toronto, Canada

April 21-22, 2020 – Toronto, Canada

June 16-17, 2020 – Toronto, Canada

September 15-16, 2020 – Toronto, Canada

November 10-11, 2020 – Toronto, Canada