Why Use Belbin Team Roles

Why Use Belbin Team Roles?

Belbin® Team Roles: A Powerful, Proven Team Building System

You know that a corporate team is like a complex machine. Each cog, each gear, each pin plays an important role. And it's the interaction between the parts that makes the difference between a team machine that's dynamic and energetic—and one that gets stuck in the mud. So how do you create productive, effective teams whose performance isn't just a matter of good luck? And how do you manage teams that are underperforming—and develop strategies to address poor productivity and dysfunction? That's where Belbin Team Roles comes in.

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Max is the CEO of Belbin North America. He brings a depth of knowledge and experience from his career in general management and consulting in North America, England, Europe and Asia. Max has assisted CEOs and senior leaders within client organizations with the design and implementation of Interaction Planning processes, team based organizational development programs and Lean Six Sigma initiatives.