Effective Virtual Meetings: Virtual meetings are here to stay, even as the world shifts to doing more business in person. With this Virtual Training Program, we’ll help your leaders and facilitators understand how use of Belbin Team Roles can help them and their teams run productive and efficient online meetings.

Train the Trainer

  • we transfer decades of our learning to your internal coaches, a more cost-effective solution than bringing in external consultants
  • virtual training, to prepare your internal coaches to deliver these workshops to your management and project teams
  • our trainers provide ongoing support for your coaches


  • your internal coaches delivers virtual group workshops and 1:1 sessions to your team
  • the content of the program is shown below


  • leverage Belbin team roles to be more efficient and effective with group time
  • quicker, more productive virtual meetings using proven techniques
  • improved contributions from everyone attending virtually
  • improved alignment through visual communication skills


  • Participants: Belbin Team Role Report, Belbin Action Plan, Team Members Workbook
  • Coaches: Coaches Guide and presentation slides

How Does it Work?

Virtual Meetings Program

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