Case Study: Reinventing a Newspaper

Organizational performance

Benefit: Maintain viability in a declining market

Everyone knows what dire straits the newspaper industry is in. Facing this fact head-on, Canada’s leading newspaper, The Globe and Mail, knew it was facing extinction. The company needed to completely rethink its business and break its “old conservative” mindset.

The company executives asked 3Circle Partners to help them launch a major “Reimagination” project. They had identified 30 key issues the company needed to address, and called on 3CP’s Team Role analysis to help them create a team around each issue with the right balance of team roles to favor innovation. The teams also participated in Team Accelerator™ workshops to give them the basic skills for working most effectively together, based on their strengths and weaknesses.

This new team-based structure was used to implement a number of major innovations in the newspaper, including a revamping of the physical layout of the editorial/on-line offices to foster more effective collaboration.

Overall, the company reports good results from almost all teams, and outstanding results from several of them. They also discovered several true leaders in the organization (those who could harness the full power of their teams). The Globe and Mail is now viewed as one of the most successful newspapers in North America.