Lindsay Lalla

Lindsay Lalla is the VP of Marketing and Client Support and is an Account Manager with 3Circle Partners/Belbin North America. Most recently, she has been spearheading the introduction of the Belbin Team Role methodology into North America. Lindsay is a skilled facilitator, and runs Belbin Accreditation classes where she certifies others in the Belbin method.

Lindsay’s formal education is in instruction and performance. Combined with her 13 years of adult education experience, she brings a depth of understanding in how to deliver the highly experiential workshops that are a hallmark of the 3Circle Partners approach to education and organizational development.

In her private life, Lindsay has a business devoted to voice teaching, works with singers who have voice disorders, performs internationally, and is a visual artist. She holds a Master’s degree in Voice Performance & Pedagogy from Penn State and a Bachelor of Music Education from the University of Toronto.