Introduction to Belbin Team Roles: 2-hour Virtual Workshop

Belbin Reports contain a wealth of information about how an individual can best contribute to a team. In this 2-hour session, you’ll get a detailed explanation of how to read each page of your own Belbin report, and learn how to create and interpret Belbin Team Maps.


  • individuals learn to play to their strengths
  • teams understand their overall strengths and weaknesses


  • an overview of the Belbin Team Role methodology
  • a page-by-page debrief of your individual Belbin Report
  • a review of team composition & Belbin Team Reports

Why Belbin?

  • improved speed, quality, and execution of decision making
  • quicker, more productive meetings (whether they’re live or virtual)
  • a common language for teams to use to talk about interaction
  • more effective individuals
  • improved trust


  • Individual Belbin Team Role Report for each participant
  • Belbin Team Reports
  • Belbin Team Map

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