Belbin Team Role Theory in Higher Education

Belbin Team Role Theory is the gold standard in team management methodology across the globe. The strength of Belbin lies in the fact that it is evidence-based and predictable in real life work settings. It injects team leadership skills into the leadership development of your students. It provides a very practical approach to how individuals can play to their strengths to maximize their role on a team.

A key strength of the Belbin Team Role Reports is that they are based on not only self-perceptions, but also observer assessments. These observer assessments provide an objective view of an individual’s contributions and are a critical element in developing self-awareness.

We often find that individuals are totally unaware of the strengths that they possess (we call these “hidden strengths”), and conversely people may over-estimate their strengths in certain roles. The Belbin framework is extremely helpful in the process of helping team members to understand their strengths.

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Belbin in Higher Education

What Is Belbin Team Role Theory?

A summary of Belbin Team Roles – Hard Science for “Soft Skills”.          

Academic Institutions Using Belbin Team Role Theory

A list of international institutions located in the North America, Europe, Asia, Australia, and Africa.

Predictability of Belbin

                                   A video which explains how Belbin Team Role Theory can predict the

                                    success of real-life work  of  real-life work teams.

Using Belbin Reports to create Belbin                      A video that demonstrates how to create & analyze your own Belbin Team Map.       

Team Maps

Sample Report                                                                 An Individual Belbin Team Role Sample Report.                                                        ​                        

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